Bill Hagmaier with Ted Bundy 


"We're here at Florida State Prison at Raiford, Florida with Mr. Ted Bundy. We're having a meeting and, presently, it's two days prior to his scheduled execution date and he's consented to share some of his ideas and experiences with us for the purpose of giving law enforcement a better understanding of people we may encounter in the future who have been involved in activities that are similar to Mr. Bundy at an earlier age."

Late at night on Saturday, January 21, 1989, FBI agent Bill Hagmaier thus introduced the purpose of the recorded words that would follow.  In this recording and its 1986 companion, Bundy addressed various topics like the scope of his crimes, surveilling dump sites, the Green River killer, Bundy authors, pop psychology, his apparent mastery of disguise, and factors that influence serial killers.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, I have received these two tapes covering 1 hour and 48 minutes of interviews between Bill Hagmaier and Ted Bundy:

  Bundy Interview_Tape 2
(circa February 13, 1986, 63 minutes)

  Tape 9 Interview of Bundy by Hagamier 2 Days Before Execution - Redacted
    (January 22, 1989, 16 minutes)."

It was noted in accompanying materials that "deletions have been made to protect information which is exempt from disclosure pursuant to [section] 522" of Title 5, United States Code. There may be "long pauses on the audio track" which "represent deleted portions of the narrative and/or conversation."

It was also noted that other "records, which may have been responsive to your FOIA request, were destroyed." Having reviewed the available material, I am most disappointed about the lost recordings. Given the content of what remains, we all have been deprived of valuable insights into the mind this killer. The rapport between these two men is most apparent in these recordings.

Because I cannot profit from using this information, I will report in my blog the content these tapes as a public service. I will initially provide a transcript of Tape 9 and an index of Tape 2. Later, as time permits, I will incrementally provide a transcript of Tape 2.


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