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by Richard A. Duffus


"Ted Bundy: The Felon's Hook" cover

646 Pages, 80 Figures

ISBN: 978-0-9839495-1-0
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Ted Bundy reaches out from the grave to reveal his most closely-held secrets:


·         Who was the man behind the mask?

·         Why did Bundy become a killer?

·         Can we learn the identities of more of his victims?

·         Can we find any of their remains?

·         Were Bundy’s accounts of his escapes truthful?

·         Why did he choose the death penalty over life?

·         Why did he devise his “bones for time” scheme?

·         Was he influenced by pornography?

·         How did he feel about his life of depravity?

·         What is the significance of Bundy’s last words?

·         Did he inspire the Gainesville student killer?

Enter the mind of Theodore Bundy and learn, through his words and images, the truth behind this enigmatic killer.

Most books about serial killers on death row place you, the reader, in the audience—watching a performance. You see only the characters as they are being portrayed. Ted Bundy: The Felon's Hook is different. It takes the you backstage—behind the scenes with the cast and crew—where you quickly discover that nothing is as it seems.

This book is comprised of three parts:

Part One presents a story, written under Ted Bundy's direction, about Robert, a young man serving the last year of a sentence for selling marijuana.  It is a simple tale about Robert’s hopes, dreams, and plans as he anticipates his upcoming release. The reader, by coming to understand Robert, can begin to understand Ted Bundy.

Part Two recounts the research conducted to establish that Bundy was driving force behind the story and that its revelations were truthful. A surprise twist in the line of research leads to a shocking new revelation.

Part Three is a series of essays, each focusing on different aspects of the case in light of the revelations made in the first two parts:

·         Bundy's escapes;

·         Victims' Issues;

·         Bundy's interview with James Dobson;

·         His "bones for time" scheme;

·         Why he killed;

·         Bundy's epigone.

It ends with Bundy's terse self-assessment as he reflects on his life of depravity.

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© Copyright 2011 Richard A. Duffus
all rights reserved